Screen Projects


Because was filmed during UK lockdown number 3, against a tiny section of white wall in my room. It is an effort to rediscover curiosity and playfulness and stay grateful for movement.


To be released in January 2021.

Directed by Christopher Lewis Smith. 

Choreographed by Delicia Sefiha and Xavier De Santos (AllouAqui Dance Theatre). 

Delicia Sefiha

Xavier De Santos 

Sarah Alexander

Nothing is black and white 

An experimental dance film reflecting on covid days and being human in 2020. written and directed by karni Arieli.

Choreographed and danced by Delicia Sefiha.

A sulkybunny production. May 2020

You and Me 

Song: You and Me
From Forthcoming Album: In My Sorrow, I Have Known Love
Written, Arranged, and Vocals by Micah P. Hinson

Recorded, Mixed, Produced, Piano, Lap Steel, and Atmosphere by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana. 
Recorded in Calitri and Brescia Italy, 2019/2020
C&P: Micah P. Hinson

An Isolation dance music video by karni and Saul for Micah's emotional new song You and me . inspired by home isolation connection, dance and the online video culture currently present . karni and Saul collaborated with 9 dancers from around the world in quarantine, to create a choreography for one x 9. touching on connection and lack of it. On craving for contact, touch, and mostly on our HUMANNESS . we will dance together again! Very soon.


Natalia Iwaniec, Masumi Saito, Delicia Sefiha, Natasha Farrell, Chloe D'Arcy, Alice Smith, Emma Nunez, Mariana Marcelino, Sophie Catherine Chinner



Danced is about a playing with movement and music, about reminiscing, about floating between presence and absence.


Xavier De Santos 

Delicia Sefiha