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Our souls may be holding onto memories that our bodies forget. 

Playing with the peculiar connection we can have with strangers Come By blurs the lines between our reality and a world where the soul takes the lead. 


Come By is a choreographed music video made for this original track by musician Antonis Vasileiadis. 

Music written & performed by Antonis Vasileiadis Music Video by Allouaqui Dance Theatre (Delicia Sefiha & Xavier De Santos)

Performed by Mariana Marcelino, Delicia Sefiha, Xavier De Santos Shiquerra Robertson, Susana Santos, Barbie The Cat, Petra Jones Samuel De La Torre, Toby Willems, Nome Hunter, Fran Nicol, Celeste Thesiger-Meacham, Music Mixed & Mastered by Nikos Chronopoulos

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