I have been developing my practice in community dance and dance education by delivering classes & workshops for children and adults of different levels and abilities in a variety of different settings.

My practice in this field aims to create spaces for the participants to discover ways they can access, exercise and enjoy movement; spaces where movement co-exists with creativity, imagery, questionings, explorations, other forms of art, humour, curiosity, trust and openness


Bath Youth Dance Company (BUDC) dance workshops.


YAMA Dance Company (dancers over 60) warming up before working towards the performance 4 days after Gerarld dies by AllouAqui Dance Theate.


Banes Youth Dance Company performing Paparuda by AllouAqui Dance Theatre at the Rise Platform, Bath.


Creative workshop at Bath Spa University with year 2 dance students.


Women exploring a creative dance task in a Move Dance Feel weekend course at the Penny Brohn centre.

Students from the Balleteatro academy in Porto, Portugal learning repertoire from Milan's Game by AllouAqui Dance Theatre.