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Marble Factory/Motion, Bristol, May 2019

A site specific movement piece created for Resonance's (orchestra) performance at the Marble Factory in Bristol. Accompanying the orchestra while playing Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, three performers embody the resonating sounds while giving life to three quirky characters that explore individual and collective journeys


'Hurled into the abstraction and splurged into vibrance, with a visual sound, an accompanied score and an extension performance by Delicia Sefiha & Xavier De Santos (AllouAqui Dance Theatre) and Kerri Fitzsimons.'

Resonance Orchestra, made up of 80 musicians and conducted by Nicholas Bromilow, took to the stage in the Marble Factory at Motion, Bristol to perform some of the most exciting orchestral music there is: Bernstein's Latin-inspired dances from West Side Story and Stravinsky's raw and visceral ballet, the Rite of Spring!

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