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Delicia is a UK based dance artist working within a range of different aspects of dance, including performance, choreography, education and community projects. She holds a degree in Combined Creative Arts (Contemporary Dance and Literature) and an MRes in Choreography and Performance. She is currently working as a freelance dance artist, a dance educator, a performing arts lecturer, and the artistic co-director of AllouAqui Dance Theatre, which she founded alongside dance artist Xavier De Santos.


Her choreographic practice dives into our humanness and our fantasy worlds to playfully interweave them, creating stories and characters that reveal aspects of the realities they exist in while attempting to shift them. Often in a mix of movement, imagery, text and sound her work takes various shapes and forms; from dance theatre performances and improvisation pieces to site-specific installations and screendance projects. Delicia explores movement as an ‘inter’ space, a meeting place, a link between ideas and practices, realities and fantasies, texts and bodies, the individual and the collective. Her current creative research explores intertextual relationships among movement/choreographic practice, literary texts and sociocultural practices.

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