Delicia is a dance artist based in Bristol, UK. She is working within a range of different aspects of dance, including performance, choreography, education and community projects. 


She was trained in contemporary dance and physical theatre and holds a degree in Combined Creative Arts (major in Contemporary Dance and minor in Literature). She continues her training by attending various dance intensive programmes around the world.

Delicia is currently working as the artistic director of AllouAqui Dance Theatre, which she founded alongside Xavier De Santos and Samuel De La Torre, and with which she performs across the UK and Europe, while also teaching contemporary dance to people of different ages and abilities and getting involved in various performance and community projects. 

Her work revolves around stories and characters that exist on the edge, between a real and a surreal world, in a mix of reality, fantasy, movement, text, physicality and imagery.






I love making movement for dance and theatre performances, for the screen, for a group of people in a studio, for people who haven't danced before and for people who dance everyday, for people that are 5 and people that are 75.

I love beautifully imperfect, quirky, soulful movements 

I love dancing every day, whether that's on stage, in a studio rehearsal or in my shower.

I love observing the fact that dance is everywhere. In every body, in every place, in all parts of nature, in every hand gesture and face expression. 


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