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A writer, a typewriter and the matter of love 

 A writer, a typewriter and the matter of love was a collaborative choreographic exploration into the connections between the concept of love and the absurd. Inspired by a variety of literary and philosophical texts on love, Ronald Barthes' A Lover's Discourse and Jason Silva's video series shots of awe, 'A writer, a typewriter and the matter of love' plays with, exposes and satirises the feelings of the lovers and the beloved.

On stage, a struggling writer dedicated to finishing writing his book seeks inspiration in the memories of his past lovers, who come to life to remind him all the moments he succeeded and failed in love. 

A collaboration between choreographers Delicia Sefiha and Polly Franks, dancers Xavier De Santos, Rachel Parson, Eleni Kourkoulou and musician Joe Butcher.

Previous performances


Bristol Harbourside Festival, July 2016

Bath Spa University Theatre, March & May 2016

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