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IMPRINT#LOVE creates an opportunity to reimagine love and its practice; love in its all inclusiveness, for one’s self, for partners, friends, community. It holds a space for coming together to treat love as a new territory to be discovered, as an active practice and as a script we are all co-writing right now.

Photo by: Henri T


IMPRINT#LOVE is a participatory dance project where audience members are guided into composing writings in response to a series of nine micro-performances that explore love and its practice. At the end of the performances, the audience/participants are invited to join in a relaxed post-workshop session that creates space for sharing some of their writings and engaging in conversations around love.


Upon the participants' consent, the writings are gathered and shaped into an e-book that is then shared with those in attendance. All writings and e-books get archived and added to the Love Manual; an in-progress collection of love writings created as part of this project.


 Choreography: Delicia Sefiha 

Performance: Sarah Gottlieb, Delicia Sefiha & Ilektra Arsenidou

Music Composition: Antonis Vasileiadis 

Prop design: 3D Loopa/Antoine Algian  

Producer: Callum Holt

Marketing: Josephine Sillars

Thanks to Dr. Tamara Tomic-Vajagic & Dr. Nicola Conibere for their support in creative research.


Photos by: Henri T, Xavier De Santos & Betty Maguire

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