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IMPRINT#LOVE creates an opportunity to reimagine love and its practice; love in its all inclusiveness, for one’s self, for partners, friends, community. It holds a space for coming together to treat love as a new territory to be discovered, as an active practice and as a script we are all co-writing right now.

Photo by: Henri T


IMPRINT#LOVE is an interactive dance work and a writer's workshop (creative writing workshop), where audience members are guided into composing writings and engaging with a creative writing task in response to a series of micro-performances that explore love and its practice. At the end of the performances, the audience/participants are invited to join in a relaxed post-workshop session that creates space for sharing some of their writings and engaging in conversations around love, while having some food and drinks.


Upon the participants' consent, the writings are gathered and shaped into an e-book that is then shared with those in attendance. All writings and e-books get archived and added to the Love Manual; an in-progress collection of love writings created as part of this project.


Photos by: Henri T

 Choreography: Delicia Sefiha 

Performance: Sarah Gottlieb, Delicia Sefiha & Ilektra Arsenidou

Music Composition: Antonis Vasileiadis 

Prop design: 3D Loopa/Antoine Algian  

Producer: Callum Holt

Marketing: Josephine Sillars

Thanks to Roehampton University, Dr. Tamara Tomic-Vajagic & Dr. Nicola Conibere for their support in creative research.

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