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Dear Reader



Dear Reader is a site specific installation that's continuously shifted, altered and reshaped by its visitors. It is an invitation to encounter books in their physical state, to touch them, smell them, open them up, rip them apart, read them, alter their form, turn them into other objects of art, destroy them or save them. An invitation to reflect on their materiality and mortality, and on what lies beyond. 


Before the visitors enter they are met with a short set of rules that poses a dilemma, affecting the actions to be carried out during their visit & framing the experiences the installation offers.


Dear Reader is part of my ongoing creative and academic research on intertextual relationships among movement/choreographic/creative practice, literature and sociocultural practices, the use of reader response literary theories to inform the viewer/audience experience, and Iser's theory on virtual dimensions. The literary source used during the creative research for Dear Reader is Bohumil Hrabal's 'Too Loud a Solitude' (1976). 

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