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Circle/ دایره 

Vilk Collective and Squidsoup

Circle/دایره is a collaborative project between Roxana Vilk/Vilk Collective and Squidsoup exploring themes of inclusion, immersive experiences and shared spaces. This prototype expands the spatialised light and sound technology AudioWave into a performative tool to unlock experiences for audiences in the co-creation and composition of new work. Music written and performed by Roxana Vilk/Vilk Collective. Movement improvisation by Delicia Sefiha and Marianna Marcelino 

Circle adonis 3.jpeg
Circle Karni Arieli 3.jpg

Previous Performances


09/11/2021 & 10/11/2022 Arnolfini, Bristol
19/06/2021 Trinity Centre, Bristol 
11/09/2021 & 18/09/2021 The Egg Theatre, Bath 

27/09/2021 Bristol Beacon, Bristol 

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